About Us

Founded in 2022 by Prashaan Mohan & Julian Kasaval with a joint experience of more than 30 years, 360 Degree Surveillance (hereinafter referred to as “360 Degrees”) is a facility geared to monitor live CCTV Footage and Tracking Visuals from various premises, facilities and vehicles around the country.

Issues detected will be escalated to the Supervisor and the relevant protocols enacted. Each room will have multiple monitors ranging in size. Certain monitors will have multiple cameras and some will have larger feed of the same cameras for closer (larger) pictures for easier viewing.

Clients wishing to review their footage will have a dedicated and private facility to do so

Our Vision

We aim to be the most up to date and reliable monitoring centre available by consistently serving our clients and visitors with excellence.

To have the best quality and most practical equipment; to always have cleanliness and hygiene as a priority; to render advice and guidance by professionals to enhance our clients experiences; and to reduce their exposure to criminality.

Our Mission

We will source tried and tested technology to assist our clients with their risk and associated concerns.

We will assist our clients to reduce their prevalence of losses.